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I, Sniper

'Directing Carrie for I, Sniper was a pleasure.  Trustworthy, brave and with a good eye for detail, she gave her all to the preparation and delivery of the role.  It was a joy to have such a dedicated actor in my cast.' Olivia Millar-Ross, Director


'Carrie Dodds delivers the play's powerful final monologue with tears in her eyes, and in the eyes of several other actors.'

Edinburgh Fringe 2018
'I, Sniper' (Broadway Baby) ★★★★★

'Not only is Carrie a joy to work with and easy to direct, but she will be one of the hardest working members of your ensemble.' Nick J Field Director & Producer


The Loch Inn - written and produced by Carrie Dodds 

'At Websters upstairs space we saw The Loch Inn, the debut play from Carrie Dodds. The highlight in the four strong cast for us was Rebecca Devlin-Knight in this raw, slice-of-life drama about a pub lock-in during an epidemic.' Short Attention Span Theatre

The Moor



'It was such a pleasure to work with Carrie in 2017 on my graduation film, The Moor.  Carrie is very professional on set and an absolute joy to work with. She has fantastic emotional depth and gave a very compelling performance as the lead role.  I wasn't the only one impressed by Carrie's acting skills, I have had so many people compliment her performance in my film. She really does have something special and puts everything into the role she plays.' Catherine Cairney, Director.

The Treasurer

'What do Directors look for in actors? The obvious answer is ‘a great performance’, but often a ‘great performance’ is best delivered in an understated and unassuming way. 


There are many facets which Directors look for in an actor and together they make for a ‘great performance’. For example: Does this actor have commitment and is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to create the character you have in mind? Does the actor have ‘emotional intelligence’ and can relate to their fellow players? Will they listen to direction and assimilate the shared vision for the project? Can they bring their own, positive contribution to the role?


I first worked with Carrie Dodds on ‘The Treasurer’ where she delivered not only a great performance but provided all those other aspects of acting which are just as important. She was a joy to work with - reliable, intelligent and committed and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.' Richard Burke, Director.

Snapshot - co-written and produced by Carrie Dodds

'As a producer, she created the most respectful and organised set. As a writer, she created an impactful, powerful and heartfelt script. As an actor, she is so generous and collaborative and I truly felt we shared something really special. You are a marvel Carrie Dodds. Your resilience with this has really been inspired!' Kirsty Strain, Actor


The Pursuit of Independence - co-written and produced by Carrie Dodds

Read One Film Fan's review of the film:


'We could not ask for a better fit than Carrie Dodds as every take she has been smashing it out of the park. Not to mention her positive and caring attitude throughout the whole shoot, making everyone feel comfortable and welcome on set.' Jack Darrer, Writer & Director 

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